Justin is a very thorough, professional, and experienced massage therapist who is practiced in many different styles. I feel totally relaxed the entire time he works on me, even when he gets in to some places that I have a lot of tightness and stiffness. He really truly loves his work, and it is palpable and deeply healing. If you are looking for a top-notch massage therapist on every level, I highly recommend Justin’s massage!
– Ankke Orion

Justin is a highly talented massage therapist who is skilled in many types of massage, had a very nice aura and a great personality. I will definitely suggest him to my friends. I was their on a trip and I absolutely loved it.
– Kanalu Olamana

Justin is an incredible healer in every sense of the word. His energy is light and open, his understanding of physiology is robust, and his ability to listen is great. I’ve been looking for a massage therapist to go to regularly for my intense neck and shoulder knots, and Justin has by far been the best person I’ve seen. Not only does he do great work during the session, but he always is generous in teaching me stretches and movements I can do to be an active participant in my own health. Can’t recommend him enough!

– Emily Hausehun

Justin is an amazing massage therapist! He helped me work through some really long term back pain. I felt like a new person after seeing him.
– Mohammed Rohani

Rejuvenating and well worth the money. I am an athlete and loved how Justin paid extra attention to my trouble areas. He made me feel like a brand new woman!
– Jovian Wochaski

One of the best massages I’ve ever had!!! Justin found all the right spots! My neck and I are eternally grateful!
– Pavana Dull

Justin is a fabulous therapist, I cannot recommend him enough! His demeanor was professional, and he had the energy of a true healer. Great deep tissue work, and he did some Hawaiian style massage called lomi lomi which was fabulous. I will book him again soon for sure. Also, he’s at a very central location in the city. You definitely want to check him out!
– Amber Shouse

Justin gives a great massage which has really helped loosen up the tightness in my neck. He’s really good at working out knots which is much appreciated! He also taught me some good stretches to help me to get rid of the stiffness.
– Ari Ashkanaz

I just received the most incredible massage from Justin. He worked out all of my knots and kinks and I feel so much better after seeing him, highly recommended.
– Chrystal Phelps

Justin is a skilled practitioner, calm, respectful and very present. His massage went deep to work out a lot of stress in my body. I really liked his breathing techniques, which helped me to be present to the experience and follow along. A great massage!
– Lucia Muncci